SGSF Executive Committee

The Southern Group of State Foresters operates with an Executive Committee. The committee consists of a Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary/Treasurer and an Immediate Past Chair. Collectively, they act and decide matters on behalf of the non-profit organization.

The committee meets with the SGSF staff quarterly and with the entire membership during the annual and winter meetings.


                                                                   Scott Phillips

Scott Phillips, Chair
State Forester
South Carolina Forestry Commission


Rob Farrell

Rob Farrell, Vice Chair
State Forester
Virginia Department of Forestry



Mark Goeller

Mark Goeller, Treasurer
State Forester
Oklahoma Forestry Services

  Rick Oates_resized

Rick Oates, Past Chair
State Forester
Alabama Division of Forestry


SGSF Executive Director


The Chair of the Southern Group oversees and presides over all meetings. He or she coordinates activities and assignments and appoints committees and task forces, as necessary. The Chair serves as the Southern Area Representative to the National Association of State Foresters (NASF).

The Vice Chair assumes leadership in the absence of the Chair.

The Treasurer serves as the financial officer and provides oversight to the NASF Business Officer in the management of the business and financial transactions for SGSF. The Treasurer presents financial summaries at all business meetings.

The Immediate Past Chair brings a historical perspective and provides continuity to the Executive Committee.

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